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About Holly



Reiki (Energy Healing)


Personal Training

PNF Stretching


Tuning Forks

My Story


I am a Reiki Master and reflexologist. I also specializes in stretching by using a combination of PNF stretching, passive, and static stretching techniques.  I combine all of my techniques to help the client understand why a certain muscle group is tighter then another. 


My overall goal is to educate people on the importance of creating a healthy balance between cardiovascular exercise, strength building, flexibility, nutrition, and stress relieving practices which will improve your posture and allow you to more actively enjoy your favorite pastimes and live a long and vibrant life.

"I work with my hands.  God has given me a gift that I can not explain, but I want to share it especially with the suffering, hurting and searching.  A lot of my clients see me when a doctor tells them there is nothing they can do."

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